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Tagliatella by Nardini Distillery in Bassano del Grappa is a drink that was born of humble origins but has become a best seller. Nardini’s Tagliatella has a curious history. Back in the period after the first and second world wars where many battles were fought in and around Bassano del Grappa, Nardini was already a popular watering-hole, but money was scarce. The populace urged Nardini to come up with a drink that even the poorest could afford. Nardini used to store their grappa and liqueurs in copper urns with a faucet on each one, where people came with their own bottles to fill up on the spot. Under each faucet was a little “drop catcher”. The extra drops of all the products were put in a barrel and mixed – a “cut” or “taglio” of everything – and the new drink was dubbed “tagliatella”. This, once a haphazard mix, became hugely popular with all: in modern times the product was perfected and bottled, and is a registered trademark. The harlequin on the label with its multicolored suit represents the many ingredients within.

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The most family-run


A shot of grappa for Hemingway


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A shot of grappa for D’Annunzio

Acqua di cedro

Acqua di cedro

grappe storiche

Historic grappa

mezzo e mezzo

Mezzo e mezzo