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Mezzo e mezzo

This is probably the most unique aperitif ever invented. Nardini’s classic aperitif has always been the “Rosso” a red bitter vermouth mixed with selzer water. In the 1970’s a client decided to try it with a bit of Nardini’s rhubarb liqueur. The word spread and the “bit” of Rhubarb became increasingly more until the mixture reached 50% Rosso and 50% Rabarbaro. This drink was dubbed “mezzo e mezzo” or simply “mezzo”, and crowds of people can be found on the historic Ponte Vecchio in Bassano del grappa, “mezzo” in hand.
Here is the recipe: in a cocktail glass add one part rabarbaro and one part rosso. Fill will 2 parts cold soda water, add a lemon peel and serve.(photo by Fabio Zonta)

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