The Matriciana Restaurant

Via del Viminale, 44, Roma, 00184 RM, Italia

Ristorante La Matriciana

Dal 1870

A legend in the creation of “bucatini all’amatriciana” it was
set up as a trattoria in the year Rome joined the Kingdom of
Italy. It became a meeting place for artists in 1880, when the
Teatro Costanzi – which was renamed Teatro Reale dell’Opera
in 1928 – opened opposite. The greatest personalities in the
theatre and opera, including Mario Del Monaco, Maria Callas,
Carla Fracci, and the director Zeffirelli, have been here after the
show. With the traditional aromas and tastes of Rome, it has maintained the style, display windows, construction, furniture,
and even a telephone kiosk, of the 1930s.


Via del Viminale 44, 00184 Roma (RM)

+39 06 4881775

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Famiglia Crisciotti - Proprietà

Via del Viminale, 44, Roma, 00184 RM, Italia

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