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Ristorante Taverna Rovita

Ristorante Taverna Rovita

Dal 1700 circa

Time takes its time in the “City of 44 Churches”. Also at the Taverna Rovita we can relish the details and let our eyes wander dreamily across the eighteenth-century tiles of the fireplace and the original beams on the ceiling. Initially a friary and then a taverna, it is a haven of excellence where one can discover the delights of Lucanian cuisine in one of the most picturesque alleyways in Maratea. Everything here – the seven tables, the ceramics by master craftsmen on show in the room – invites us to take things slowly. The most memorable visit was by Guttuso, who devoted a painting to the Taverna Rovita. And then there is the proprietor, Mariastella Gambardella, who accompanies us on a journey through the finest dishes of local cuisine.


Via Rovita, 13 - 85046 Maratea PZ

+39 0973 876588

Mariastella Gambardella - Titolare