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Ristorante O’ Canonico 1898

Ristorante O' Canonico 1898

Dal 1898

For over a hundred years in the central Piazza Tasso, and one of the great tourist venues in Sorrento, it was mentioned as early as 1920 in the “L’Italie en volume” guide published by the French
touring club. Opened as “Al Campidoglio” but known as “O’ Canonico” for the first owner’s ecclesiastic past, it was originally a cantina – a “cellar” where local wines were served with simple,
traditional dishes, the recipes of which have  survived to this day.
It produces over 50 types of traditional peasant rosolio and its wine list is as thick as a book


Piazza Tasso 7, 80067 Sorrento (NA)

+39 081 8783277

+39 081 5324546

Guglielmo Terminiello - Gestore