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Ristorante Giannino dal 1899

Ristorante Giannino dal 1899

Dal 1899

A wine tavern with a kitchen. That was the Giannino when it all began, when Milan was not yet a metropolis and the international jet set was yet to come. The fame of this restaurant spread far and wide from the moment it was founded, and in over 120 years of history, it has become one of the icons of Milanese gastronomic tradition. Gregory Peck and Maria Callas, Grace Kelly and Ian Fleming have been just some of its illustrious guests. Recent renovation work, under the watchful eye of the proprietor, Antonio Fantini, has returned it to the almost aristocratic elegance of its glorious past. Refinement and discretion reign once more in the rooms of the Giannino.


Via Vittor Pisani, 6 20124 Milano

+39 02 36519520

Antonio Fantini - Titolare

Giuseppe Varrella - Direttore