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Osteria Il Governo 1801

Osteria Il Governo 1801

Dal 1801

Next to the four numbers that spell out 1801, carved into the granite of the entrance door, stand the initials of Francesco Bazzoni, the innkeeper at the time. Since then, the magical walls of the Osteria il Governo have told the story of a distant age, of Carbonari and libertarian uprisings. Here Silvio Pellico spent his last night of freedom, amid the dreams of great men determined to create a unified Italy. And here, today as then, one can enjoy the simplicity of a platter of cold cuts and cheeses beneath the pergola in the garden, or enjoy the ever-changing menu of Chef Roberto. A few years ago, Pietro Giuseppe Bazzoni, the seventh direct descendant of the founder, rediscovered the history of this place, where every shelf and photograph tell us more than any history book.


Fraz. Rozzo, 18 - 22025 Lezzeno (CO)

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