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Hotel Locarno

Hotel Locarno

Dal 1925

A stone’s throw from the Via Margutta and the world’s oldest lithography workshop, the name of the Hotel Locarno points to the Swiss origins of its first proprietors. Its rooms are gems of Art Nouveau and have betrayed its inextricable bond with art and culture ever since it was founded in 1925. Books and filmscripts have been written here, and Chaplin and Dietrich, Kerouac and Borges all spent sleepless nights in its rooms. Abandoned after the war, when the Americans took it from the Nazis, it was given a new lease of life in the 1960s by the interior decorator Maria Teresa Celli. Her daughter Caterina Valente, who has recently completed a meticulous renovation, is now at the helm. “Change everything to remain the same” is the creed of the Locarno, which reflects the timeless fascination of a bygone era


Via della Penna, 22 - 00186 Roma

+39 06 3610841

Hotel Locarno SpA, Caterina Valente - Titolare