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Grand Hotel Sitea

Via Carlo Alberto, 35, Torino, 10123 TO, Italia

Grand Hotel Sitea

Dal 1925

A symbol of the most sophisticated luxury in Turin, the early
twentieth-century building was originally that of the Società
Italiana Terme e Alberghi, from which it took its name. It helped
introduce jazz to Italy and indeed one guest was Louis Armstrong
who, in 1935, played some memorable sessions at the Teatro
Chiarella with his band, enraging the Fascist Ministry of Popular
Culture, and giving rise to the first ticket touts. The Duke of
Genoa and the Duchess of Pistoia stopped off here, as did Callas,
Di Stefano, Gillespie and Ray Charles, as well as presidents of the
Republic and ministers like Pertini and Andreotti.


Via Carlo Alberto 35, 10123 Torino (TO)

+39 011 5170171

+39 011 548090

Proprietà: Famiglie Lera - Buratti

Fabrizio Musso - Direttore

Via Carlo Alberto, 35, Torino, 10123 TO, Italia

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