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Grand Hotel et des Palmes

Via Roma, 398, Palermo, 90139 PA, Italia

Grand Hotel et Des Palmes

Dal 1874

Here Wagner completed his Parsifal in 1882 and Renoir came
to paint his portrait. Prime Minister Crispi gave lectures on
political science and Guy de Maupassant described it in “La vie
errante”. After the American landing, the Allied Military
Command established its headquarters here. Formerly a
neoclassic-baroque aristocratic residence, linked to an Anglican
church by a secret passage, the hotel is the creation of the
Liberty-style architect Ernesto Basile, who transformed the hall
and decorated the “Fireplace Hall” with the same inlaid ceiling
that he designed for the Italian parliament at Montecitorio.


Via Roma 398, 90139 Palermo (PA)

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Via Roma, 398, Palermo, 90139 PA, Italia

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