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Caffè Mulassano

Caffè Mulassano, Piazza Castello, 15, Torino, TO, Italia

Caffè Mulassano

Dal 1907

A counter in Numidia onyx with bronze decorations, a woodand- leather coffered ceiling, walls with mirrors and panelling,carved-wood decorations with powder gilding, and a wooden façade with porch and large windows. A stunning Liberty establishment created by Ingegner Vandone and the finestcraftsmen, it was made in modules so that it could be reconstructed anywhere. Restored in 1978 and 2010, it is a symbol of Turin. ‘Tramezzini’ sandwiches were invented here. Until 1926, members of the Savoy royal family would sip their coffee behind the heavy red curtains. Gozzano loved it; Macario found inspiration for his caricatures, Soldati and Arpino were at home here.


Piazza Castello 15, 10123 Torino (TO)

+39 011 547990

Vanna Chessa - Titolare

Patrizio Abrate - Titolare

Angela Amoruso - Gestore

Cristiano Ruggiero - Gestore

Caffè Mulassano, Piazza Castello, 15, Torino, TO, Italia

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