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Caffé Florian

Caffè Florian, Piazza San Marco, Venezia, VE, Italia

Caffè Florian

Dal 1720

Caffè Florian opened in 1720: it is the oldest coffee house in history. In 2020, it will turn 300 years old.Ever since its opening, the Caffè is the place where Venice and the world meet, a crossroads of whatever is new and interesting, from state affairs to local gossip to frivolous chat about the latest fashion trends. Comfortably seated in its majestic halls, you can breathe Venice’s long and lively history, which unfolded outside the café’s stained-glass windows. Caffè Florian has always been called home by the eminent and the notable. Even today, you may find yourself sitting in one of the coffee house Rooms next to stage or screen stars, or personalities from the world of art, culture, politics, and business.True to its historical connections with the Venice Biennale, Florian is actively engaged in city life and produces top-quality cultural events with particular emphasis on Contemporary Art. The impeccable service and the exclusivity of its product collections – Gourmet, Lifestyle, and Design – bask in the magic of Venice, right in Saint Mark’s Square.


Piazza San Marco 57, 30124 Venezia (VE)

+39 041 5205641

+39 041 5206782

S.A.C.R.A. S.r.l. - Titolare

Andrea Formilli Fendi - Presidente

Marco Paolini - Amministratore Delegato

Caffè Florian, Piazza San Marco, Venezia, VE, Italia

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