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Bar pastry-shop Cavour 1880

Pasticceria Cavour, Via Gombito, Bergamo, BG, Italia

Pasticceria bar Cavour 1880

Dal 1880

A gathering place for the vernacular poets of Bergamo in the ‘Duchy of Piazza Pontida’, which migrated with its verses around the most characteristic establishments in the city. And, with Bergamo Alta around the Teatro Sociale, it was and still is the historic meeting place of artists: Tieri, Lionello, De Filippo and, especially, Maestro Gavazzeni, to name but the most recent. Its beautiful vaulted interior with late-nineteenth-century furniture has the fragrance of Torta Donizetti, Torta Cavour, ‘pears and chocolate’, and Bergamo’s the most renowned desserts


Via Gombito 7/A, 24129 Bergamo (BG)

+39 035 243418

+39 035 243418

Famiglia Cerea, Titolare

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Pasticceria Cavour, Via Gombito, Bergamo, BG, Italia

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