Historical Places of Italy

The oldest and most prestigious hotels, restaurants, cafés.

The Locali Storici d’Italia is a not-for- profit cultural association of almost 220 of the oldest and most prestigious hotels, restaurants, and pastry shop-confectioners- literary cafés. Together, they have made the history of Italy by promoting, or acting as the venues for, great events and for the eminent personalities who have frequented them.

Each establishment must have reached at least seventy years of operation, preserving its original settings and furnishings (or at least in a manner that attests to its origins), as well as memorabilia, mementos and documents of the historical events and illustrious guests.

For the past 42 years, the mission of the Association, which enjoys the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, has been to promote and safeguard this rich heritage.

In bed and at table with history

Casanova used to sit at the Caffè Florian, and D’Annunzio wrote at the Gambrinus in Naples. Count Cavour had a table of his own at the Cambio in Turin, and Marconi always asked for Suite 105 at the Miramare in Santa Margherita. These hotel rooms, and restaurant and café tables are still there, silent witnesses of a glorious past.

Stories, events, deeds, and romance

With the thousands of years of service they have provided, the establishments of the Locali Storici d’Italia together form a most remarkable history book, in the pages of which we can find thousands of personalities, famous events, and facts known and unknown. But also love affairs, betrayals, gossip, and anecdotes.

Record breakers

Some of the oldest and most celebrated hotels, restaurants, cafés, pastry shops, confectioners’, and grapperie of the Locali Storici d’Italia form a little and curious selection of record-breakers. It is worth reading about them, but even better is to go to these establishments and see them personally.

The most United in Italy

These are the establishments which, during the Risorgimento, witnessed episodes that led to the Unification of Italy. Brought to light by research for the 2011 edition of the Guida Locali storici d'Italia, which paid tribute to the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy, these stories have become part of the Association’s historical legacy.

Scopri i Locali Storici di

Guarda i gioielli che si nascondono nelle nostre grandi città.

Guide 2016

The fortieth edition of the Guide is devoted to the Ladies of Italy’s Historical Establishments, many amazing women who have left indelible marks on the businesses they manage or of which they have been protagonists. This is a very special edition, which invites you to meet and find out about those who are still “at the helm”.

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Discover our Historical recipes

The story of the Locali Storici d’Italia can also be narrated through these recipes, through the desserts, the dishes, and the drinks they have created in the past and which have given them lasting fame.
These historic products and dishes, which are known and appreciated around the world, are now part of the cultural heritage of Italy.


Historical products

Tradition and passion. Stories of families who for generations have been as one with their restaurants, cafés, and hotels. Stories that have often led to unique, incomparable products and recipes, created by their intelligence, expertise, taste, and imagination. Preserved by the same lineage and handed down intact.