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Guide 2016

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The Ladies of Italy's Historical Establishments

The fortieth edition of the Guide is devoted to the Ladies of Italy’s Historical Establishments, many amazing women who have left indelible marks on the businesses they manage or of which they have been protagonists. This is a very special edition, which invites you to meet and find out about those who are still “at the helm”.

Once again, historical establishments have proved to be cultural assets that can be discovered and experienced in many ways. For this reason, since 2011, the Guide also includes thematic itineraries that allow readers to appreciate them in ever new ways. Previous editions – which are now collectors’ items – have been devoted to local protagonists of the Unification of Italy, to the longest family lines, from five to seven generations, to establishments in the Liberty style, to those that have inspired great artists and, last year, to the tables and the rooms and suites once taken by illustrious guests.

Six new entries grace this edition, with some new trivia also in the “records” section.

The only one of its kind and reviewed by the Italian press along with the most important national guides, the Guida Locali Storici d’Italia is dedicated to all those who love cultural tourism. It contains two hundred and forty of the oldest and most prestigious hotels, restaurants, trattorias, pastry shops, confectioneries, grapperie and literary cafés, where famous people and great events have helped shape the history of Italy. A great heritage of artistic, historic and civic value, and one that is always open to the public.

With line drawings by the painter Gianni Renna, in true nineteenth-century style, and directed by the journalist Claudio Guagnini, the 328-page Guide is published in English and Italian.

It is published in February and is available at member establishments. You can obtain a free copy from the Association headquarters. If you wish to receive a copy by post, at no more than the cost of shipping, please write to the Secretary of the Association by filling in the form on the Contact Us page.

In view of the numerous requests, you can also request previous thematic guides in the same way, for as long as stocks last: the 2011 edition is devoted to the establishments of the Unification of Italy, 2012 to the longest-running family managements, 2013 to Liberty-style establishments, 2014 to those that have inspired great artists and 2015 to the illustrious guests.

The pages of the Guide, each of which is devoted to a single establishment, can also be consulted on this site, using the search options.