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Gran café Gambrinus
since 1860

Gran café Gambrinus
Originally the "Gran Caffè", in 1890 it was renovated by Antonio Curri in the neoclassical, classical and Liberty styles, with splendid frescoes and paintings by the greatest artists of nineteenth-century Naples. The political, urban and moral hub of the city, here D'Annunzio wrote the verses of his "A vucchella", Edoardo Scarfoglio and Matilde Serao launched the daily "Il Corriere di Roma"; and Croce, Russo, Wilde, Hemingway and Sartre came to sit. Part of the building was turned into a bank by the Fascist prefect in 1938, but in 2001 it won back its stunning rooms overlooking Piazza del Plebiscito.

Via Chiaia 1/2, 80121 Napoli (NA)
+39 081 417582
+39 081 414133
  • Arturo Sergio - Executive director, Ownership
  • Antonio Sergio - Ownership
  • Massimiliano Rosati - Ownership
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