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Stratta Sweets

Stratta Sweets
These are probably the world’s only soft-centred sweets still entirely made by hand. The original recipe dates from 1836 and the process involves thirteen carefully monitored steps, at the end of which the sweets are wrapped, using a semi-automatic machine made in 1933. Their pastel colours then brighten the window of the café.
Stratta sweets come in an impressive range of more than thirty soft-centred and hard varieties: thirteen with fruit fillings and two with mint, the same number of hard centres, as well as vanilla and other delights.
These are poured sweets, a technique that gives the crunchy sugar coating a translucency that reveals the drop of fruit preserve inside. This filling is prepared to a special recipe so that, when the sweet melts in the mouth, it gives a faint sensation of bitterness, in contrast to the sugar surrounding it.
Stratta sweets are slightly larger than “modern” varieties. This is because they are made by hand. A characteristic that makes them like no other. (Francesca Pasini)