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Historic grappa

Historic grappa
Grappa is a product that has existed probably as long as grapes. After winemaking, no by- products were left unused. The stems, vines stalks and pressed grapes were cooked and distilled to make what became known as grappa, probably taking its name form “graspa” which means bunch of grapes. Now only the pressed grapes, or grape pomace is used and Nardini Distillery in Bassano del Grappa was the first to use a steam-induced still, distilling twice to ensure purity.

On Nardini’s bottles you find the word Aquavite ( latin spelling) , not grappa, because the original name for grappa was acquavita, or “water of life”, used to cure ailments of all types including the black plague.

Acquavite Nardini Bianca is the queen of the product line , and the most loved among Italians because its clean dry taste and floral bouquet. Perfect as an after dinner drink, it is best served at 18° C , can be used a san ingredient for many cocktails. Frank, generous and immediate fragrance.

Acquavite Nardini Riserva is aged for a minimum of 5 years on oak barrels from Slavonia and is smooth and soft on the palate. All Nardini’s grappa is 50% alcohol, as tradition dictates.
Soft but intense. In the aftertaste you can detect the complex degrees of flavor created by the long aging process in Slavonian oak barrels.