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Café Meletti
since 1907

Café Meletti
An institution and centre of culture, for years it was home to the "Senato" association of city VIPs. A rare example of the Liberty style in the Marche, it has perfectly preserved its floral decorations and furnishings. King Vittorio Emanuele came in 1908 and 1910 to buy its Anisetta, and made it a "Purveyor to the Royal Household". Mascagni is said to have started writing his opera "Lodoletta" here. At the end of the last war, Guttuso first planned his "L'Orsa Maggiore" magazine. Stuparich, Zandonai, Badoglio, Trilussa, Sartre, and Hemingway all passed by.

Piazza del Popolo 18/22, 63100 Ascoli Piceno (AP)
+39 0736 255559
+39 0736 255559
  • Caffé Meletti Srl - Ownership and Management
  • Marco Cicconi - F&B manager
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